We use encryption technology based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to encrypt and protect all communication sent and received through Secured Communications. This is called “end-to-end” encryption. Messages are encrypted when leaving the sender and decrypted when received by the recipient. Only the individual, or members of the group, that you send a message to are able to decrypt and receive your message. 

Secured Communications end-to-end encryption applies to all communication services including individual and group messaging, voice, image and file share.

Implementing the Secured Communications’ encryption suite is simple and requires limited resources to maintain. The Command Center software is 

installed on a desktop computer to act as a hub for the platform. After provisioning licenses to approved users, the mobile application can then be installed on an unlimited number of mobile devices to send and receive encrypted messages. For your ease of use, messages can be burned from the Command Center or remotely to destroy content permanently.