Message notifications (sounds and vibrations) are all mobile device dependent and subject to how you have them set on your mobile device(s).

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Move the app to the home screen and in a primary position. On iOS, move to the bottom of the screen in the docked position
  2. On Android (instructions vary slightly based on the type of device and OS)
    • go to settings,
    • Applications,
    • Application manager,
    • Find SC,
    • Click on Notifications
    • Turn ON the “Set as Priority” option
    • Make sure “Hide on lock screen” and “Hide Content on Lock Screen” are OFF
  3. On Android – Change the sound
    • Settings
    • Sounds and Vibration
    • Notification Sound
    • Default Notification Sound
    • Select the sound that works for them
  4. On Android – Change the vibration pattern, intensity and Volume
    • Settings
    • Sounds and Vibration
    • Play with settings in the following areas:
      • Volume
      • Vibration intensity
      • Vibration Pattern
  1. Android – newer models
    • Advanced Notification settings.
    • Set to “Set as Priority” (banners should appear on locked screen).
  1. iOS Notifications
    • Go to Settings
    • Notification
    • Find SC
    • Make sure all the options are on.
    • Choose Banners or Alerts Style
  2. iOS Sounds
    • Go to settings
    • Sounds & Haptics
    • Make sure the sound is turned up
    • Turn on Vibrate on Ring.